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Europe/Great Britain : Machin Screened Value

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31 May 2019
This is an example of a screened value.
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02 Jun 2019
re: Machin Screened Value

Besides showing an excellent example of a screened value, you can also see the "Spikes" and "Loops" that are used to indicate the DOP (Direction of Printing), an important indicator for those who want to go further than the confusing Scott numbers or the insanity of S. Gibbons numbering.
A short quotation from the Complete Deegam Machin Handbook (CDMH) will help explain;

" .... Under this degree of magnification the individual cells of one of the sides will usually show minute spikes of colour which point in the direction of printing. These look somewhat like the teeth of a saw. Even where the spikes are not too clear, the relevant side will have a filled-in look produced by the ‘squeegee’ effect of the pressure of the cylinder on the paper, which is clearly different from the looped cells of the opposite side. The stamp should always be viewed with the head upright. Then, if the spikes are at the top, the direction of printing was upright (U); if they are at the bottom, it was inverted (I); spikes at the right indicate a sideways right printing (SR); spikes at the left show that the printing was sideways to the left (SL). ...."
© Douglas Myall (Deegam Publications)

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