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13 May 2019
Thanks for the well-wishes. I am taking my last post-op narcotic today then going into withdrawal...to Extra Strength Advil...

I've been able to organize a few things in the past couple days and want to do a total re-boot of my approach in a lot of areas (funny how your first surgery can make you consider how lucky you are and what you could change to make life better for yourself, your family, your friends, and your community).

I am going to send out all invoices today - even the small ones that I've had sitting around for months pending additional purchases (unfortunately, I wasn't able to post anything of further interest for a few people). I may throw in a few discretionary discounts. Since I am not a business, if you could pay through PayPal "Family & Friends" rather than as an "Invoice" I can save the usurious fees on small sales, which would be helpful (totally up to you, I'm not asking or expecting anything in return).

Just read some comments and am looking forward to testing out Timmy's "Show Thumbnail" feature. I am giddy with excitement (although that may be my penultimate narcotic talking...)

Cheers, Dave.
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