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Oceania/Australia : KGV stamp

30 Mar 2019
Image Not Found
Is this a dot or comma after Penny or perhaps a full stop????? I'm only guessing
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Lochanbar Station
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30 Mar 2019
re: KGV stamp

Hi Pooh

The white lines behind the Kangaroo are interesting, but unfortunately all the perforations on the top of the stamp have been trimmed of, and is what is usually called a space filler because of the damage to the perforations.
Near the Y of penny is possibly a variety also.

Keep it till something better turns up

But something to keep as what to look for in varieties.

If you have a serious interest in KGV stamps you will need to get a copy of the
The Australian Commonwealth Specialist Cataglogue,

They are not cheap, but in the long haul, well worth having a copy.
Keep looking, you never know what is out there to be found.


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