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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamp Approval Notes & Notices : New Approval Books For Older Senegal mint/used Saar Mint/Used Liechtenstein Mint/Used & Italian Libya Mint/Used 3/14 & 3/15

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14 Mar 2019

Auctions - Approvals
Happy Pi Day From Stroudsburg PA!

This weeks offerings with indexing as usual.

Books will start Tonight and tomorrow night around 7PM.

Should there be a country you would like to see a book from, send me a message and I'll see what I can do. If I do not have it, I may be able to obtain it!

ALL books will now be marked either in the title or on the first page with whether or not there are Scott catalog numbers for each stamp

This weeks books

--------------------- 03/14 -------------------------

14076 Liechtenstein Mint/Used/MNH 1940-90's With index/Scott#

- Contains some nice 1990's sets.

Image Not Found

14077 Older Senegal Through Early 1960's w/Scott# & Index

- Lots of hole fillers!

Image Not Found

--------------------- 03/15 -------------------------

14078 Saar Mint & Used with Scott# & Index

- Book will be restocked a few times! Mostly early issues.

Image Not Found

14080 Italian Libya Mint/Used Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index

- A few great sets too. Includes a used set of C1-2 Used for $25, cheaper than anyplace you will find it online

Image Not Found

Books are always in price order and a book that is half empty may have only the lower priced stamps sold out. Links below are for all books added within the last 3 months. There are many more besides those

Books ALWAYS have Scott numbers unless otherwise noted

Hope you find a few stamps you can use in your collection!


Books since January. Due to changes some of the older links may no longer work. Please accept my apologies for that!:

14026 Ireland Used 1973-87 w/Scott# & Index
14027 Cayman Islands Mint/Used Some Sets w/Scott# & Index
14028 United States State Revenues Mint/Used
14029 Belgium Mint/MNH Semi Postals Through 1943 w/Scott# & Index

13965 Thailand 1978-2008 MNH Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index
13966 Central Africa Mint/Used Sets/Singles 1960-79 w/Scott# & Index
13967 Canal Zone Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index
13968 Mozambique Co & A Few Macao Mint/Used Sets/Singles Scott#/Index

13912 Poland Used 1982-4 Sets/Singles With index & Scott#
13913 Nicaragua Pre 1980 Mint/Used Sets/Singles w/Scott#/Index
13914 Belgium Semi Postals 1920-45 Used Sets/Singles w/Scott# Index
13915 Austria 1992 2003 2004 2006 MNH With Scott#/Index

13830 Norway Mint/Used Through 1980s w/Scott# & Index
13831 Iceland Mint/Used Sets/Singles Through 1990s w/Scott# & Index
13832 St Thomas To 1972 Mint/Used W/Scott# & Index
13833 Poland 1997-2004 MNH Sets/Complete Singles S/S With Scott#/Index

13794 Mongolia Mint/Used sets/singles Through 1980s with Index/Scott#
13795 Jamaica & Nevis Mint/MNH Sets/Singles with Index/Scott#
13796 Malawi mint/used sets/singles w/Scott# & Index
13797 Olympic Sets Singles S/S MNH With Extensive Index & Scott#

13755 Spain MNH/Mint Sets/Singles 1930-84 w/Scott# & Index
13756 Finland 1940-60's Mint/Used Some Sets w/Scott# & Index
13757 DDR Germany MNH Sets w/Scott# & Index
13759 Worldwide Revenues & US Wine Stamps

13718 Older China Mostly Mint With BOB w/Scott# & Index
13719 Mexico 1970-90's MNH w/Scott# & Index
13720 Romania Mint/MNH Sets and singles all years w/Scott# & Index
13721 Netherlands Used 1950-70s With Scott# & Index

13661 Ivory Coast 1961-90 Used & MNH w/Scott# & Index
13662 East Germany All Years Sets/Singles w/Scott # & Index
13663 Costa Rica Mint/Used Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index
13664 Hungary 1950-80's MNH sets/singles w/Scott# & Index

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