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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamp Approval Notes & Notices : Finally back in action - Focusing on Canada stamps

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09 Mar 2019
I haven't had a free weekend since late-November when my 93 year old father went into hospital, and then his 91 year old sister died a couple days after he was released recently. So, my wife is taking a much-needed weekend away with her girlfriends - and that means I get a rare couple days to do nothing but stamps, stamps, stamps!!!


I have a big drawer full of Canadian stamps that I need to clean out so I can hide other stamp (currently covering my daughter's bed while she's away at University) before my wife throws them away.

I'm going to start with MNH singles, sets, booklets, and full sheets - in Approvals and Auctions - and all priced at or below 75% Face Value. Plus, I will provide another 5% discount for cumulative purchases over $5 (10% if over $10) for all Auctions and Approvals over the next couple weeks.

My first Approvals book is now up and running.

Thanks, Dave.

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