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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Stamps For Sale : Scott Catalogs (yrs 2000 - 2010) for Sale

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11 Feb 2019
Hi All,

Have the following Scott Catalogs for sale:

1. year 2000 Vol 1 (A-B countries) used. Price $5.00

2. year 2010 Vol 2 (C-F countries) used. Price $7.00

3. year 2003 Vol 3 (G-I countries) used. Price $5.00

4. year 2010 Vol 4 (J-O countries) used. Price $7.00

5. year 2010 Vol 5 (P-SL countries) used. Price $7.00

6. year 2010 Vol 6 (SO-Z countries) used. Price $7.00

7. year 2010 US Specialized catalog used. Price $7.00

Prices are negotiable and I may consider trades for stamps/supplies I need (stamps, Mounts, US Specialized Magazine back issues, etc)

Buyer pays shipping from Mississippi (zip 39345)

Payment methods: USA Check or Money order, USA cash at buyers risk.

Thanks for looking...

Dave N.
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