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09 Feb 2019
First I apologize if this is in an existing thread. I've been searching for about an hour and have given up.

While not specifically collecting First Day covers and Blocks of stamps (plate blocks or simple blocks of four). I've decided it's time to do something with them other than sitting in a large box. Some of the larger stamp bundles are starting to show signs of curling.

I found some Vario 2S pages with two pockets per side that will work for all the FDCs but not sure which way to go for the blocks. I've seen Vario pages with 3 slots like the 3S, or possibly the sheet which has 4 slots dividing the page into quarters like the 2ST.

I guess I'm hoping some of you much more experienced collectors can offer me some suggestions on what you think is best. My mind is wide open on this.

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09 Feb 2019
re: Storage Solutions

You will probably want a variety of Varios; there is a wide selection pockets per page. I used a eBay seller name mit_63; his prices are competitive and his service is good.


Note link above will show Vario pages with stamps, he is just selling the page, not the stamps.

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