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Europe/Other : Spanish civil war stamps

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07 Feb 2019
A bloke wrote in Stamp magazine recently that he's given up collecting GB because there are too many new issues, commemorating the opening of an envelope etc. Instead, he's going to concentrate on his Spanish civil war collection.

I was interested because a couple of years ago we took a holiday in the hills of Andalucia and I read a big history of the civil war while we were there. So I looked up Spanish civil war stamps in Gibbons, on eBay and Delcampe, and it looks like a pretty complicated and interesting field. And for the most part not expensive - in fact lots of v cheap stuff. I know there are a great many cinderellas of various sorts.

But what do people think- is this a topic worth collecting? Are there loads of forgeries to confuse the beginner?

What are your views?
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07 Feb 2019
re: Spanish civil war stamps


"Are there loads of forgeries to confuse the beginner"

Always expect this when dealing with expensive stamps with overprints, surcharges, etc..


"what do people think- is this a topic worth collecting?"

Actually it is "What do you think?" Do you want to dabble in this area? Don't worry about what others do or don't collect. It's your hobby. Since you've already become enamored by the history of the Spanish Civil War, why not own historic pieces of it?

I think we had a thread here a while back on stamps from this era. If I can find it, I'll bump it up for you.

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