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Off Topic/Non-philatelic Disc. : Mel Stottlemyre

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SOR Auctioneer
14 Jan 2019
Randy, as ardent a Tigers fan that you are, and as ardent a Yankees fan that I was back when it was a game before all the strikes and such, I'll wager that you saw Mel Stottlemyre pitch a few times against your team.

Mel Stottlemyre passed away on January 13. He brought excitement to Yankee fans back in the lean years (late 1960s and 1970s) when the team was not truly competitive.
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APS #213005
14 Jan 2019
re: Mel Stottlemyre

I definitely do recall him pitching against Detroit....and Cleveland (my #1 & #2 teams).

Rare now-days for a player to remain with the same team his entire playing career.

I admire him for that.

It was nice to see him finally get a world series ring as a coach - it evaded him as a player.

What I remember of him was he was well thought of and an all-around nice guy.

Sorry to hear of his passing.

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