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Oceania/Australia : Little e on Australian stamp

11 Jan 2019
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Could someone please give me some information with the E in Penny as the middle line is alot alot smaller where the other letters are alot fatter. I know the stamp isn't worth anything but when you look at the stamp you notice there isn't a middle line with the E until you make the E bigger as I did above.
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Lochanbar Station
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Member ACCC (Australian Commonwealth Collectors Club of NSW)
12 Jan 2019
re: Little e on Australian stamp

Hi Pooh

The stamp you have was issued in 1901, printing in those days were quite primitive and many varieties can be found on Queen Victorian stamps.

In your case, the stamp you have seem to have breaks in the shading lines causing the thinness of the central bar.


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"Specialised Collector of Australian Pre-Decimal & Decimal Stamps"
24 Jan 2019
re: Little e on Australian stamp

Hi Pooh

Collecting early Australian stamps can be a very specialized area as well.

Some postmarks are ultra rare, and can change the value of a stamp from 10 cents to many hundreds of dollars.
There are specialized catalogues available, but the only one I have is the Victorian one.

"Barred numerals of the Victoria" by Hugh Freeman, APR

It is a limited edition, and there maybe copies still available through the following.


They published many of the specialized catalogues dealing with Australian stamps. their website is


Hope this is helpful


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