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General Philatelic/Identify This? : Sweden Stamp?

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05 Jan 2019
Assistance needed on this one. Valuation is in "KR" (Kronas), but unable to catalogue this stamp. Is it an old Sweden issue or what?Image Not Found

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05 Jan 2019
re: Sweden Stamp?

It's a newspaper stamp from Denmark, either P8 or P20.

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06 Jan 2019
re: Sweden Stamp?

The Scott catalog offers many ways to help identify stamps. One way is by using wording found on a stamp. For example, looking at the "Index and Identifier" found at the back of each catalog, a search for "Avisporto" will easily lead one to Denmark.

The catalogs are more than small pictures, catalog numbers and values. There is a wealth of information available that will lower the stress level of collectors trying to identify difficult to identify stamps. Catalogs are a good tool for the hobbyist. All one has to do is learn how to use the tool.

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06 Jan 2019
re: Sweden Stamp?

Or typing "Avisporto postage stamps"
into the Google machine will lead you to;

Image Not Found

and from there it should be easy.

On a shelf nearby I have dozens of reference books
accumulated in the sixty or more years of stamping
and alongside that are a half dozen binders of copies
of newspaper clippings from the days when Linns, Western
Stamp Collector and others were delivered weekly
to my door. For years they were frequently used
as were Dictionaries and a Thesaurus.
Today they are seldom touched as most of the world's
information is at my finger tips using the Google Machine.

PS: Ifb you only input "avisporto" you can learn a lot
about renting a car at the airport at Porto, Portugal,
so don't give up right away, use your imagination..

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