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Europe/Great Britain : Color Shift

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17 Dec 2018

I found this pair of Machins in a lot that I purchased. On the right stamp, it looks like there is a color shift to the left side.

Can any of our Machin experts shed some light on this. Thanks.Image Not Found

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19 Dec 2018
re: Color Shift

My eyes are getting older by the hour
so it took me some time to see the shift,
in the margin between the stamps.
If that is just color, "Color shift"
sounds reasonable. If it is the phosphor,
then "Phosphor shift" will work.
A careful examination with an IR or
UV light might (Wait for it ......)
"shed some light on it."
Phosphor bands are notorious for
shifting up, down, left, or right,
so much so that Deegam developed
a table to allow collectors to
describe how much and which way
a shift might have occurred.

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15 Mar 2019
re: Color Shift

Doctor blade and plate flaws ...

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