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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : 2d 150 anniversary Sesquicentenary stamp

27 Sep 2018
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After some information about these 3 stamps. First stamp is very red and there is a blob of red ink between the 3 men at their legs, has it been retouched as the sky is more red then the bottom stamp. Also, is the first stamp the plantoon error (spelling). There is also with the first stamp the man at the back there is a blob of ink between his face and the tree The second stamp is this the Plantoon error??.

Now the 3rd stamp is this stamp the Koala up the tree?? Also is the bottom stamp the same error as the top 2 stamps??
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Lochanbar Station
28 Sep 2018
re: 2d 150 anniversary Sesquicentenary stamp

These queries are well covered in a thread under Oceania:Australia, further down the Discussion Topics:

Pantaloon is the word you are looking for Happy

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