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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : Fijian stamps

25 Sep 2018
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I hope I have the hang of it in of uploading the images I think I made the mistake with uploading the Mexican stamps as I think it went over the Italian Workers stamps to which I'm sorry about it.

Could anyone please give me some information about these Fijian stamps, how old they are? I have tried to find some information any help would be grateful
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Lochanbar Station
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Collecting King George VI from all countries, and King Edward VII and King George V from the West Indies.
25 Sep 2018
re: Fijian stamps

The stamps you have pictured were issued in the 1891-1902 time period.

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue indicates that there were multiple versions of the stamps with various perforations that changed as they were reprinted.

Gibbons Catalogue numbers are 76 and 103 depending on the perforation. You can find them in the Scott Catalog based on the date they were issued.

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