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Off Topic/Non-philatelic Disc. : Two weeks in Bali

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23 Sep 2018

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My wife and I just spent a couple of weeks in Bali, getting away from the cold wet weather here in Australia .
We did not see one drop of rain,the sun shone most of the time.We last visited Bali seven years ago were my wife befriended a young Balinese girl ,she has since married and has two children.She and her husband took us out one day too meet their parents ,none of whom spoke a word of English so our friend had to translate for us.
The traditional Balinese home is much different to our western style home in the respect their kitchen and bathroom are not in the main part of the house ,but separate and joined by a covered walkway.
They have some beautiful statues based on their beliefs and in Denpasar they have a monument to the struggle for independence it has 17 steps to each of the eight doors and is 45 meters tall 17/8/1945 the date independence was declared ,but it wasn't till July 6th 1949 after the defeat of the Dutch that they finally became independent.
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Typical Balinese home
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The Monument to Independence " Monumen Perjuangan"
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Must finish with a Bali sunset
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I hope you like the pictures Brian
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23 Sep 2018
re: Two weeks in Bali

Thankyou for sharing...Bali...a beautiful culture....

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