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United States/Covers & Postmarks : 1939 AAMS Advance Air Mail Bulletin - I've got card #2, anyone seen card #1?

17 Sep 2018
This is something I picked up out of a cover box a while back -- the second half of an American Air Mail Society Advance Air Mail Bulletin Service message giving details of how to order new flight covers, which apparently was so long it had to be split over two cards:

Image Not Found

As you can see, this is card #2, and there must have been a card #1 as well, but it wasn't with card #2 when I found it. It relates to the new Transatlantic airmail services introduced in 1939, and mentions philatelic offices for both the Dublin post office and Pan-American Airways.

So does anyone have an example of the card #1? Or other AAMS bulletin cards of this kind? Mine is an interesting item for my "Philatelic Mail" collection, but it would be nice to match it up with the first half of the message!

This is the front of the card, btw -- I'm informed that it's unusual both for the use of a 6c Prexie coil and for being an airmail postcard from the period when there wasn't a special airmail postcard rate?

Image Not Found

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