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Europe/Great Britain : Deegam Report #129

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14 Sep 2018
Guess what, the latest report, DR 129,
is available for download to members,
or perhaps subscribers.
There is some information about the plans
to create HB#5 to expand, replace and
most likely embellish HB#4.
It will be a two or three year project
since they will also maintain the current
reports as before and add the appropriate info
that develops to the disc pages of HB#4 or HB#5.
Speaking of maintaining current info, there
are some recent stamp issues to add to collections.
Tere is an interesting discovery of a major variation
of the Grayish Orange 10p issues of April 1980,
from booklet panes DP38 and DP38A.
What is interesting is the difference is the "v"
measurement that approaches 4.00mm. These will be
listed as DG100.11.3 and DG100.12.3.
Now I have to look through several hundred postally
used Grayish Orange spares to see if I already have
a used copy, when I get time.

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14 Sep 2018
re: Deegam Report #129

contaminated ink also affects 2018 issues showing yellow under SW...

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