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Europe/Great Britain : USS California Silver Jubilee cover 1977

20 Aug 2018
My uncle has in his collection a lot of 1977 Silver Jubilee stamps. I know everyone collected these at the time, so there are lots out there and values are low, but one stood out. When I googled for more info, I didn't find another like it. That makes me curious if it was an official cover variety, or if it was a little side project by one of the men aboard the USS California. It is the normal Spithead Fleet Review cover, but it is dual franked with a US stamp, and a second cancel apparently done on the ship. My question is whether this was official or a personal project, and whether there are many others like it. A note with the cover thanks my uncle for the "order", so I assume this was something offered for sale ahead of time.

It appears as my uncle received it: outer envelope cancelled in Jacksonville about 4 months after the Jubilee, inside that is the Jubilee cover, a personal note from Cdr. Donald E. Taylor (my uncle lived in the San Diego area, and apparently Cdr. Taylor did too), a Winston Churchill cover from 1965 (not sure if my uncle added that, or if Cdr. Taylor picked that up for him), and a sheet with the history of Fleet Reviews on one side, and a map showing the review path and the participating ship positions on the other side.

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