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01 Aug 2018
Hi I'm a newbie and I'm not sure what to do next. I just successfully purchased some Lot#'s on the Auction with buy it now but it didn't direct me how to enter my paypal information so I can pay for these stamps. Can someone please tell me what the next step is so I can pay the seller? Do I have to wait for the seller to contact me or what do I do next? Thanks for your help on this. I'm really enjoying this site and I'm loving getting back involved in stamp collecting again. I looked thru the old posts but I didn't see this addressed so I hope I didn't ask too boring of a question. Forgive my ignorance. Happy collecting

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SOR Auctioneer
01 Aug 2018
re: BIN

When you are finished making your purchases, you will need to contact the seller(s) so that they can send you an invoice so that you can pay. On Stamporama, buyers cannot generate invoices to pay.

If you intend on selling here, you will need to set up your PayPal account here so that you can get paid through PayPal. To do that:

- put your cursor on the HOME link at the top left of the blue bar on the top of the page

- from the drop down, scroll to and click on MEMBERS AREA

- on the right side of the Stamporama Members Area Menu, click on SETUP PAYPAL OPTION

Follow the instructions. It is a simple process.

For more information about Stamporama Auctions, click on this link:



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02 Aug 2018
re: BIN

Hi Lori,
I have purchased many, many, many times from Stamporama dealers.
Usually, they contact you by generating an invoice. This action sends you a message describing how you can view the invoice, pay the invoice, and then mark it as received when you receive your stamps. It is very simple. I presume you will also get an e-mail as part of the invoice creation process, as I always do, but I don't know if this is something you have to opt for in your membership account settings.

Welcome to Stamporama, by the way. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. What a fine bunch of folks hang out here, always willing to help out with any questions you may have.

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02 Aug 2018

re: BIN

As Dennis says, a dealer will send you an invoice. Sellers send invoice and there can be a little variability in when they issue them. You can always contact the seller and let them know you are ready for your invoice.

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