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29 Jul 2018
I was rather disappointed after finding an approval book listed as "Mostly England", I went through the entire book and there was plenty of GB stamps and a few Guernsey, but, not one single England stamp. It may be unfair on the seller but after this I didn't bother to look at anymore of their books. Please, please think about the titles you give to your books before releasing them.
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Neddie Seagoon from The Telegoons
29 Jul 2018

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re: Approval book titles


The seller that put England in his approval title may not have been trying to deceive but their geographical knowledge may have been inadequate.
We in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are well aware of the nationality differences within our country.
Some members of other nationalities do not have a clue of these differences.
Please remember that members of Stamporama, like any organisation, have been educated to different levels, come from countries whose first language is not English and there are different levels of expertise within the membership.
I am a Scot who is often mistaken for being English or Irish but never Welsh!!

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29 Jul 2018
re: Approval book titles

I was going to respond but have found that Ian has already said what I was going to say, and he said it better than I would have.

I didn't realize that the UK consisted of four separate countries until I got back into Stamp collecting several years ago myself.

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