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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr :  A different Washington stamp

12 Jul 2018
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I have been practising with the perforations and I think it is less then 11

But I don't know if you check the top and bottom or the sides??

Can someone please give me some information like how old it is, Why is the stamp on one side, What the perforations are and any other information you have

I have another one to send as I'm trying to do this on my own.
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13 Jul 2018

re: A different Washington stamp


the stamp is off center, compared to the perforations. This is not uncommon for the period.

remember, stamps are printed, THEN the peforations are added, and if there's any misalignment anywhere, the whole thing can go off center. Many stamps of period were printed with a high water content in the paper, causing the paper to shrink as it dries. Two sheets of the same stamp with slightly different amounts of water might lead to different shrinkage rates (this was discussed in great detail by Messrs Castanza and Seinfeld).

there are about 10 varieties of this stamp; they were first issued in 1910 in huge quantities.

yes, you check top and bottom first (usually they are the same) then sides (again, almost always the same). Different people like different perf guages, but I'm partial to Linn's clear plastic one, which be easily overlaid on stamps to make perf ID easy, even on cover.

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13 Jul 2018
re: A different Washington stamp

Pooh: This is another Washington-Franklin. (For a little background, see my response to your other thread here: https://stamporama.com/discboard/disc_main.php?action=20&id=20492#150387)

This is from early in the series and is very likely to be perf 12 based on the fact that "Two Cents" is spelled out. Perf 11 would be a real find.

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