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Oceania/Australia : Die I & Die II of the 1976 NATIONHOOD stamps

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12 Jul 2018
Those who know the difference between the two stamps know that the stamp above shows the emu without toes and the stamp underneath shows the emu with toes. But did you know that there are more than just extra toes you may not have noticed.

First a brief history of the stamp – The stamp titled “NATIONHOOD” was issued on January 5, 1976. Perforation 15 x 14.

The 18 cent stamp features the Australian Coat-of-Arms commemorating 75 years of Nationhood when Australia became a Commonwealth on January 1, 1901.

Note the two dies used for this issue. The colouring of Die I is deeper and extracts the defining of the image and lettering. Die II the lettering appears slightly thicker and the image less defining than that of Die I.

Die I

Image Not Found

Die I
Kangaroo’s eye: Dot only
Kangaroo’s right & left hand: No fingers
Kangaroo’s right & left foot: No toes on left and one on right
Kangaroo's nose: Nearly non-existent
Kangaroo's head joining to neck: small line
Kangaroo's head: Shows no expression
Emu's head: Shows no expression
Emu's nostril: Nearly non-existent
Emu’s feet: One toe

Die II

Image Not Found

Die II
Kangaroo’s eye: Dots and curved line
Kangaroo’s right & left hand: Two fingers on left and three on right
Kangaroo’s right & left foot: One toe on left and one on right
Kangaroo's nose: Clearly defined
Kangaroo's head joining to neck: Clearly defined
Kangaroo's head: Shows expression
Emu's head: Shows expression
Emu's nostril: Clearly defined
Emu’s feet: Two toes

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