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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : Canadian stamp

06 Jul 2018
smauggie Thankyou

This is what I;m after as no one could tell me

Could bits of fine fibre or some sort of material or anything else get on to the plates or rollers some 90 plus years back that make the images on the stamps not look right Perhaps they weren't cleaned properly and these things were picked up on to the rollers or plates or the people there weren't checking things as times are alot different now to back then

Here you often hear about things that get on to the plates or dies that shouldn't be there that are missed or are not picked up and some pre decimal stamps go out to the public

Perhaps something got on to the rollers or plates that made George V have a pimple or a fine thread that looks like the O has a line through it
The stamp is over here and not picked up until I'm asking questions
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Lochanbar Station
06 Jul 2018
re: Canadian stamp

Dear Pooh,
I suggest that you post any comments regarding this stamp on the original thread that you created, rather than creating a new thread for each of your comments.

Also, please do not get your hopes up that you have discovered a priceless new variety of an old and minimal value stamp. Varieties that have value are repeatable variety types, such that the re-entries, or faults, or errors that you have pointed out will be found on every stamp from the same position in each sheet, or pane, or what-have-you. The chances of this being a whole new "set" of previously undiscovered repeatable varieties on one stamp, likely the only copy of this stamp that you have ever seen - from the sounds of it - is incredibly, astronomically remote.
Thousands of highly experienced and dedicated philatalists, over the past 90 years, have examined millions of copies of this stamp with microscopic precision, without ever finding any of the "variations" you mention.
So, once again, don't get your hopes up.

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