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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : Canadian stamp

04 Jul 2018
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Here is a bigger picture

With the pimple on his face, is that part of his moustache as it dosen't look right and it looks like a little square that is filled in or is it something that has more ink in it

have alook where the C of CENTS is and underneath the C is where the image is?? Parts of the white goes up above to the brackets, also the white goes to the bottom of the stamp also.

On his forhead has that been retouched? POSTE there is a red line going through O
On his collar there is a very bright line, is that line Ok

I got some stamps from my Great Aunt and this one was in it, I hope you can tell me if this is normal, or shouldn't be there. When you have these things it makes you wonder how they got there
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Lochanbar Station
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05 Jul 2018
re: Canadian stamp

The Canada Unitrade catalogue doesn't list any varieties for this stamp. Your example looks rather "shop worn" — I think that what you are seeing is nothing more than the result light damage. Considering its age — almost 90! — it doesn't look too bad! The used stamp has minimum catalogue value.


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