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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : New Comer Corner Canadian stamp

30 Jun 2018
Sorry about that as I put the information in the other threads there and I just kept going.

Any way it is a Canadian 3 cent George V stamp, George V is underneath a arch. I'm not from America or Canada and just want some information about the stamp.

Underneath 3 cents there looks like a image and I'm guessing it is part of his uniform as it is white, there is a line going from s to the border of 3, white lines going from cents to the bracket above.

Poste there is a red line going through O, not all the way through but half.

As I said in the last threads I can't send a picture as I don't know how to go from PDF to ipeg. my daughter is going to do it for me in a couple of days. I got the stamp and other stamps from my great aunt who went into a home.

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