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Canada/Covers & Postmarks : Canada `s Blackout cancels

12 May 2018
I have a question about the blackout cancels used in various towns/cities in Canada during WWll Is there a list of identification numbers that would help identify the place of the cancel when in use ? I have a page of blackout cancels and not sure how to catalogue or identify them

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15 May 2018
re: Canada `s Blackout cancels

In 1991, the Canadian Military Mail Study Group had a book published by the BNAPS titled, "A Canadian Military Postal History Anthology" with articles contributed by different members. One article in the book discusses the West Coast Black-out cancellations from 1942 to 1945.

There are other books, which, unfortunately, I do not have. One other good reference would be the book titled "The Wartime Mails & Stamps / Canada 1939-1946" by H.E. Guertin. It was published in 1970, but, on occasion, can still be found in auctions.

Hope this helps?



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