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Middle East/All : Israel 2018 ATM issue - third in series:

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06 May 2018
Than, continuing with "Train" issue on ATM label, here we have third in set this year.

Yes, high face value, as postage cost go up every single year, so also face value of postage stamps need to follow.

But printing quality and design are very improved!

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09 May 2018
re: Israel 2018 ATM issue - third in series:

This locomotive was designed by Sir William Stanier and was a standard type built for the London Midland Scottish Railway in the 1930s. Part of the war effort this example was built for the War Department and was exported to the Palestine Railways and in 1948 was taken over by the Israel State Railway.

Al least 2 similar locomotives survive working on heritage railways in the UK, one ex-LMS and another War Department example re-imported from the Middle East - and there may be more.


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05 Jan 2019
re: Israel 2018 ATM issue - third in series:

There are 6 different sets of trains in this series. Most have been issued from multiple machines.
In total I have 20 sets with all the different machine numbers in this series. I think I am still to receive one set from my supplier.

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