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Off Topic/Member Announcements : Closed Album: Harold Houston (Bailey)

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29 Apr 2018
It is with a heavy heart that I must report the passing this morning of my long-time philatelic friend and Stamporama member Harold Houston (Bailey).

Harold passed quietly, in his sleep, surrounded by family, after an eight month battle with cancer.

Harold was past President and very active member of the Cobourg (Ontario) Stamp Club.

He was not a frequent poster on the Stamporama Discussion Board, reserving his participation for those topics of discussion which he felt were in his area of expertise, particularly Canadian 1937 Coronation, 1939 Royal Visit and slogan cancels, but when he did participate, we all benefited from the solid information he provided.

I will miss him greatly.


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"BuckaCover.com - 8,000+ new covers coming Thursday April 23"

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APS #213005
01 May 2018
re: Closed Album: Harold Houston (Bailey)

Another long-time SOR member who will be fondly missed.

If I may speak for all of us, Roy - our condolences to his family.


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