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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : Approval Books...A FOLLOW UP on the New Year Resolution

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31 Dec 2017
I have tested a number of Approval Books at the end of 2017, prior to finalizing my 2018 Book format. For those who have purchased, or looked at my efforts, I would appreciate your feedback here, or by private email, or Private message.
Here are my early conclusions, and some changes I am contemplating:

1. All cat numbers or reference years are shown! I WILL SHOW CAT #s ONLY ON THE SCANS. I tried putting Cat #s both on the scan page and in the Index page, but it takes too much extra time and is redundant. Please comment

2. Listing are in chronological order (as best allowed by size and price range) YES That is a bit more time consuming, but should work

3. Higher valued stamps are at the end of the book...fully described. So far I have not put too many higher valued stamps, just the lower valued...but I still plan it

4. Pricing range is more generous (use cat value as a vague and general guideline only). Always leave a few "bargains" among the lower valued stamps, for the fun of the buyer's quest. Accidental rather than planned, so far

5. List with no duplicates, unless Mint & used, wmk, perforations or other varieties (and indicate what these are). There will be some duplicates (no more than 2), when it is appropriate, but not as a routine.

6. Retire books early (when over 50% is sold) and rework them as NEW books with new material. Do not add pages or stamps to existing books. No book over 4 months old. Too early to tell

7. Indicate clearly the condition of all stamps with potential defects. I have problems with pencil notations on the back of used stamps...to disclose or not? Seems it is hard to get them all. I think I may pass on this effort, as it may create false expectations.

8. Books should be around 12 pages or 300 items maximum (break them in multiple books if needed) YES

9. Very common stamps don't sell, but list them anyway as buyers may need to fill some gaps. (I am a bit ambiguous about this...to list the common definitives or not?)
I am making a major change in my approach:
THIS IS CLEARLY NOT WORKING..THEY DON'T SELL!!. Common definitives with cat #s take too much time to list and yield NO appreciable sales (look at my Argentina Book). I will discontinue the program. For common definitives, please request them directly...but listing them systematically in AB is pointless from a seller point of view!

10. Relist Higher values in Auctions, if they don't sell in the first go-around, when incorporated in the last pages of Approval Books. Yet to test this

11. Book title should be defined clearly and provide ample information. Yes

12. Announce your book activation schedule in advance, including approximate date and time (if possible) to give all interested buyers an equal shot. (wish I could be as precise as Roy is on his site!), and use the announcement to define precisely the book content. YES


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