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United States/Stamps : ID Help of US 634 by Perf

09 Dec 2017
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Upload please find an example of difficult to ID US634 by perforation. 11 x 10 1/2 is the

perf of US634 in Scott Cat. However the perfs of top and bottom are not exactly 11 by gauge

measurement and even eyes balling. In order to find answer, i scan my stamp both sides by

300dpi then measure the perf from back scanned stamp (more clear) by a special designed

software. The results shown 11 1/4 x 10 1/2. I believe this is more precise but my question

is does 11 1/4 really matters to identify US634 than 11? Your commends are greatly




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10 Dec 2017
re: ID Help of US 634 by Perf

No, it does not matter; Scott ‘rounds off’ the perforations in their catalog. You can always check the perfs by comparing against other stamps with a known perforation (there are plenty of US stamps which only came in perf 11).

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