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Canada/Stamps : Canada Scott #163var4

05 Dec 2017
Image Not FoundImage Not FoundI have been on the internet and now I am totally confused by the information given on these errors or varieties or whatever.

Type: Ink Smudge or Smear
Description: 1c Deep Green, Die II with INK SMEAR on 6 stamps in bottom margin block of 8 (2x4). Very heavy on bottom 4 stamps. DRAMATIC ERROR.

I have seen it described as a smudge, smear or a over-inking I am curious to find out from people which it is, like on the internet I have seen a smudge more or less described as a blob looking at this block of 8 it seems more of a over-inking. Please someone please help and could you also let me know how these were created at the printing stage?Image Not Found

I was trying to get the biggest image possible but could only come up with the ones you see here, sorry for the repetition of images.

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