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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : Approval Payment Methods

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01 Nov 2017
I am interested in getting involved with approvals as seller and buyer. I have read the riles/guidelines but do not see anything on payment methods and media. Do I have to check with each seller for acceptable methods? And how do I specified my acceptable methods?
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01 Nov 2017
re: Approval Payment Methods

rjan, if you go to "home" then on the drop down menu click either Auction or Approvals and then under "sellers" heading select set up terms and you can set your terms and conditions. You may alter these at any time but alterations will only apply to currently unsold items.

It can look something like this.


"Payment by PayPal, personal cheque, money order or by prior arrangement direct to banking account.
Shipping will be cost of postage.
Returns within 30 days will have return postage refunded with purchase price."

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