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Canada/Stamps : Here might be a better scan of Admiral Issues

12 Oct 2017
Here might be a better scan of the two Admiral Issues I need help with the 20 cent and the 50 cent

They come in a number of colour variations and I need to know which colour variation I have:

20 cent
olive green
dark olive green
grey green
sage green
light green

50 cent
grey black
silver black
brown black

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12 Oct 2017
re: Here might be a better scan of Admiral Issues

It is virtually impossible to identify specific shades from a scan posted to the internet. There are too many variables. Original scanner settings, monitor settings of the user looking at it, overhead lighting of the user looking at it etc.

If you doubt this, go to your monitor settings and change the "color temperature" -- intended to adjust for different kinds of room lighting. Colors will immediately change drastically.

On another note, please crop images used on the Discussion Board. I cropped and re-uploaded this one for you. All that white space was distracting and unnecessary.

If you are not familiar with your image editing software, just bring up the "Help" menu in your software and search for "Crop".


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