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Middle East/All : PALESTINE 1920 (1st LOCAL) "PalestinB" variety 5 mil –PERF 14x14 (MNH) Bale #29B

26 Sep 2017
eBay item number:152718333476 tried to take picture of the stamp but could not, is there someone out there that can teach me how do it. I am wondering about the black part that forms the B it looks more like it was made by a black marker, I am not saying it was and with my eyesight at 70 it might not be but I am asking the question.
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26 Sep 2017
re: PALESTINE 1920 (1st LOCAL) "PalestinB" variety 5 mil –PERF 14x14 (MNH) Bale #29B


"teach me how do it"

Click on the image enlargement feature on ebay. Large picture opens in a new window (or tab).

Right click on the image. Choose "Save image as" and save it to a folder on your hard drive. Rename it something easy to remember so you can find it easily.

Open the file you just saved with your favourite image editing software (Mine is Irfanview -- free at http://www.irfanview.com )

Edit / crop / make smaller as necessary (see Irfanview help menu). Save new image.

Upload to Stamporama.

Here is your image:

Image Not Found


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26 Sep 2017

re: PALESTINE 1920 (1st LOCAL) "PalestinB" variety 5 mil –PERF 14x14 (MNH) Bale #29B

Not only is it probably (most certainly) a fake B, but the alignment of the Arabic and the Latin seem to be at an angle with the bottom Hebrew writing.
And the lettering in all languages are all wrong. So Fake o/p to boot!

I will scan my legitimate one for comparison.
Scott 19f perf 14

Image Not Found

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28 Dec 2018
re: PALESTINE 1920 (1st LOCAL) "PalestinB" variety 5 mil –PERF 14x14 (MNH) Bale #29B

This appears genuine as I have posted in other queries. The different angling of the lines mentioned by the other author is not uncommon die to the poor quality and inconsistency of the Jerusalem overprints

Joel in Minnesota

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