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Europe/Great Britain : Is this actually a carmine overprint??

20 Sep 2017
Could someone help me with this Ebay item #302431950703 Details about IRELAND:1922 Dollard Overprint in CARMINE on GB 9d SG 8c mint. Is it really the carmine overprint?

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20 Sep 2017
re: Is this actually a carmine overprint??

It is easier with the image.
Image Not Found
However colors are determined somewhat by the individual computer's settings.
So, it looks sort of reddish to me, but I am half blind anyway.
I guess it would have to be next to a known color.

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21 Sep 2017
re: Is this actually a carmine overprint??

Not even close. The color balance of the image has been manipulated to make the red darker. Or, the scanner was out of calibration. Either way, the genuineness of this stamp cannot be verified from this image. If the stamp color was correct, then the overprint would be red.

Reputable sellers of this stamp will offer it together with a red overprint stamp side by side, scanned on the same scanner. If you want to use eBay, I try the seller "nbkypf2" who is an Ireland specialist and a reliable seller of this stamp. (I am not affiliated with them.)

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