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Asia/China : Empress Dowager Commemorative Issue - Surcharge Forgeries?

20 Sep 2017
Hello! Here is a 1c. on 1 Cd. vermillion stamp with an inverted surcharge. I'm not quite sure if it's the First Printing of the Dowager Issue, which is surcharged in small figures. Another thing I have been quite concerned about is the amount of fake surcharges that are often found on these issues? Is there any method of discerning between genuine and fake surcharges?

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06 Jun 2019
re: Empress Dowager Commemorative Issue - Surcharge Forgeries?

Has this question been addressed?

1897. Large figures?

Surcharge 1.5 mm below Chinese characters?

Color confirmed as vermillion?

Extract from Ma Catalogue...

“After the March 1897 reprinting (“2nd Print”) and the 2 1/2 mm separation overprinting, there was still a need for additional quantities of silver dollar denomination stamps. So the Dowager Issue was again reprinted and overprinted with large numerals, this time with a 1 1/2 mm separation between characters and numerals.

“Very few belatedly returned first printing stamps received the 1 1/2 mm separation large numeral overprint. Some are extremely scarce and valuable.”

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