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Europe/Great Britain : Deegam Updates

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19 Sep 2017
Deegam Reports #124 is ready to download by subscribers.
Sixteen pages chock full of long awaited information.
Instead of struggling with trying o summarize the opening paragraphs, I am posting a large part as it is important for Deegamites to read and then download the whole issue.
Deegam ® Handbook development
by Hanns Fasching and Gerry Fisk
: .... You will be aware that, for well-known reasons, recently it had not been possible to keep some parts of the Deegam ® Handbook up to date. You will have also
noticed from the first page of DGR122 that Douglas appointed we two as editorial
assistants. Since then, we have been busy beginning the task of bringing the
Handbook up to date. This is a very time consuming task and everything cannot
be done over night. Therefore we had to decide how to proceed.
The first and most important job was to update the catalogue lists, a task which
is finished. We also wanted to deal with some of the smaller points, an exercise
which helped us learn our way around. We are very gratefull to the several
subscribers who have sent in comments and particularly to Lawrence Dunsfield,
Alex Lindsay and Dan Murphy for their very detailed and useful contributions.
We’ve also learned a lot about the ‘missing link’!
You will see elsewhere in this Report (please see page 10) that the profiles have
been reintroduced and updated. The Deegam Value Settings tables of Chapter 12
and the printing dates for Machin sheets of Appendix 16 have also been updated
(those for the Regionals will be updated later). These changes will be incorporated
in the next issue of the CDs following publication of this Report.
All the other Chapters, Appendixes and the Archive will be reviewed step by
step. Some of them are already finished but some of them are still in the queue.
Appendix 14 describing the country pictorials will require a complete revision
particularly taking into account recent developments and changes in this field.
At the moment we are collecting all available information. There are several
new features which may well lead to a re-consideration of some cataloguing.
Some features concerning phosphor bars and changes on self-adhesive country
pictorials are reported later in this Report. ...."

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19 Sep 2017
re: Deegam Updates

the team has done a fine job, wha?

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