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Middle East/All : 1920 Palestine with Varieties

01 Sep 2017
Is there anyone that can tell me about the 1920 Palestine stamps varieties missing dot in 1st character, are these stamps as rare as people claim, I am talking about people selling such varieties.

It should actually should have read the missing dot in 1st character of the Arabic overprint of the 1920 issue.
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02 Sep 2017

re: 1920 Palestine with Varieties

The Palestine Mandate stamps with a dot missing in either the top or bottom "E.E.F." are not what I would call "rare". I have several in my collection. The are, however, not exceedingly common.
Hope this helps.

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03 Sep 2017
re: 1920 Palestine with Varieties

Hi Terry thanks for the information but it is not the missing dot in EEF. But is the missing dot in the first character of the Arabic overprint on the 1920 issue.

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06 Sep 2017

re: 1920 Palestine with Varieties

There are several 1920-21 overprint issues. They are referred to as Jerusalem I, II or III overprints, or London I, II overprints.
All commonly have missing characters, dots, breaks, shifts and even inverts etc in the o/ps.

The David Dorfman Specialized Catalog on the Stamps and Stationary of Palestine Mandate 1918-1948, published by Rosen in 2001, has more than 50 pages of plate variations and overprint variations, just for the 1920-21 stamps. The dot on the first arabic character is just one among many (more than 100s) o/p "errors", or specialized variations.

I have not bothered to search my stamps for these, or to price them for rarity. I have enough to do just with the perforation varieties, some of which can cost you quite a pretty penny! But some of them are rare, so if you have this disposition....

If you want to dig into it, best is to get the specialized catalog, From Rosen Enterprises in Redwood City CA, and a whole buch of stamps.


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