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Canada/Covers & Postmarks : Is anyone a member of the Mobile Post Office Society?

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Just one more small cover .....
11 Jul 2017
Hi Everyone,
I've been getting quite interested in RPO's of late. Just wondering if any of our members are also a member of the Mobile Post Office Society? They have a number of publications and I'm wondering if you have purchased any of them and if you found them of value. I'm looking for a publication that gives me the RPO name, the date range in which it was functioning, and if possible an idea of its rarity.

I have enhanced my MNCANCELS.ORG website, which I mainly use for documenting Minnesota Cancels (I guess you would have worked that out), so that I can now add in my RPO covers as well. I'd like to be able to get the above mentioned information about US Railway Post Offices so that I can add it to my website.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Regards ... Tim.
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12 Jul 2017
re: Is anyone a member of the Mobile Post Office Society?

Tim, I acquired the early catalogs when they came out in serialized form as part of a lot I purchased.

I don't have the catalogs with me right now, but I don't recall it assigning rarity factors. However, I haven't really gone through the pages in detail as I only recently acquired it.

In case you don't get additional answers to your catalog questions from another member...

You can email me a couple of postmarks scans, and then I can email you back scans of sample pages for those postmarks, and then you can decided if the catalog might fit your needs.

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