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Oceania/Australia : 1934 Australia Merino Sheep

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11 Jun 2017
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Continuing a Merino sheep discussion that was left off in another thread Wherein Rob1956 posted a nice picture of Merino sheep stamps that came after 1934, featuring the same sheep design as the 1934 -- not counting the frame.

There is much to love about these stamps that mark the death centenary of John Mccarthur (founder of Australian sheep farming). The design is solid. I particularly like the ram/horns on the left and right top frames. And the ram itself is noble and solid, as solid as the hills behind.

Stanley Gibbons properly distinguishes the "light hills" stamp (SG 150) from the "dark hills" (SG 150a), while Scott curiously does not note the variety. So sad.

Merino wool is all about softness, the result of the wool fibers having a small diameter. Fine wool has a diameter of less than 22 microns, and superfine and ultrafine Merino wool has a diameter of less than 15 microns. Which would allow for wool underwear without an itch.

Classic Australia stamps are hard to beat.


EDIT: My apologies, Scott does indeed note the variety -- 147a. I need to update the album page. sigh.

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