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Club Business & Announcements/Member Comments : A SOR face-to-face meeting

08 Jun 2017
It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity for my wife and me to end our three day visit to Salt Spring Island with a get together with Patches (aka Liz Jones) over lunch, and then around her kitchen table (stamp tongs easily spotted). Liz provided excellent advice in advance of our arrival regarding experiencing the famous Saturday Market (arrive early!)and the best options for meals as well as websites to visit for information about hiking trails and artisan studios open for visits. The weather was great, the stay was very relaxing, and it was wonderful to meet one of our most active discussion board and auction participants in her own element. A personal contact reinforces every positive impression of Liz gained from her SOR presence. Thank you, Liz.
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Tom in Exton, PA
09 Jun 2017
re: A SOR face-to-face meeting

Good for you folks! It's fun to meet people you know from the board in person.

Vince invited me to join his stamp club, so I see him monthly. When I was in Jacksonville, Florida I had dinner with Ernie and his wife Bonnie.

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09 Jun 2017
re: A SOR face-to-face meeting

Thoroughly enjoyed spending that evening with you Tom. We all had some good laughs. Definitely need to do it again one day. I also enjoyed meeting Bobstew, Philatelia and Luree. Again, all three, great people. Karlfry (Stampaholic) is a regular at Central Florida stamp shows. I've met and chatted with him several times. He's alot of fun and has a wicked sense of humor.

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