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Canada/Covers & Postmarks : 1953 Canada Coronation Flag covers

29 Apr 2017
I was handed a few 1953 Canada coronation flag cancels today at a stamp show. ItThinking looks like I have the beginnings of a new collection Where do I start? How many cities issued these flag cancels?
How long did they use the flag cancel? Are there any sites with information that would be useful ?
Any help is appreciated

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30 Apr 2017
re: 1953 Canada Coronation Flag covers

Cheryl---The 1953 CoronationFlag cancel was used in 18 Post offices in English and 2 Post offices in French.Authorized date of use by postal authorities was June 1-5 however most also used this postmark on June 6th and 3 or 4 used on June 7th & 8th. There are no recorded useages after June 8th.Most of what you will find are June 1 on FDC,s of Canada Scott #330 and also on June 2nd the actual coronation day--usage on later days would be mostly regular mail most of which is thrown out or the stamps clipped from the envelope.I will send you a sheet detailing each of the postal outlets and dates of useage for each post office.
I am finding these more difficult to find than the George VI coronation |flag cancels

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