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Oceania/Australia : 1932 - 35 Kangaroo Map series

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03 Apr 2017
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Happy to finally complete the 1932 35 series -- with the recent acquisition of the two-pound (SG 138). I have gotten into the habit of annotating both the Scott and the SG number beneath the stamps. This may take away from the presentation appeal, but is a system that works for me. Recently purchased the ACSC Kangaroos catalogue -- but space limitations prevent further annotation.

When I win the lottery I plan on purchasing these stamps mint and well centered ala Robert. Happy

Paid $318 usd for SG 138.


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Member ACCC (Australian Commonwealth Collectors Club of NSW)
04 Apr 2017
re: 1932 - 35 Kangaroo Map series

Hi Eric

Nice set, the price I gave you is correct. There are a lot of stamps I would like to get but also need to win the lottery to afford. I'm lucky that my fiancée and I have made an arrangement to rearrange our budgeting when a stamp I want comes my way.

The ACSC is a very good book to use; they just published another Kangaroo edition and it's in full colour this time.

The £2 is in the same condition as to the one I know of, the face of the stamp is not obliterated by the cancellation; even though your stamp is centred to the left, the one I know is centred towards the bottom; a very good purchase.


"When I win the lottery I plan on purchasing these stamps mint and well centered ala Robert."


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