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14 Jan 2017
Pardon me if you can do this, but I am just not figuring it out, but it would be very helpful it when you do a Search, it would highlight the searched for keyword. Otherwise you get results returned back that can cover multiple year's worth of discussions and it is not easy to find the keyword you are looking for. This makes the Search function not very useful.
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"Collecting worldwide classic era stamps"
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14 Jan 2017
re: Searching the Discussion Board

Hi Chris,

One option if you use Google is to use this to search the StmpoRama website.

For example you can search for "Russia" and "Crete" in StampoRama with the search string:

Russia Crete site:https://stamporama.com

Trying this just now gave me 13 hits starting with the following three:

Stamporama Discussions: Multi Ids
Jul 12, 2016 - 19.& 20.UK judging by the currency. 21.Crete? 22.I didn't know the Brits had occupied Russia!! 23.Switzerland? Image Not Found Thanks, Mike.

Stamporama Discussions: Philatelic Regret?
Aug 10, 2013 - An almost complete collection of Russian Civil War issues (South ... Austro-Hungarian and French Post Offices in Crete postal history items that ...

Stamporama Discussions: List of Countries With High Number of ...
Mar 22, 2016 - Costa Rica 1-15 and Guanacaste overprints. Fake overprints. Crete 1-46 ... Forgeries and #46-58 confused with Russia stamps of same design

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11 Feb 2017
re: Searching the Discussion Board

that is an awesome idea on searching. Thanks so much. Will give it a try when looking for those tougher things rather than just rambling.....

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