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United States/Covers & Postmarks : ARE THERE ERRORS ON FDC'S?

03 Jan 2017
I was filing a huge lot of First Day Covers that I have purchased over the past several months. I came across a First Day Cover with a plate block of .04 cent # 1585's. However as I was reading the Cover it said "Freedom to Speak Out", .02 cent Definitive Issue-1977 from Artcraft.
There are no .02 cent #1582 stamps on this cover, just the above plate block. It is postmarked from St. Louis, MO on the correct date, Dec. 08, 1977. It also has the stamp across the plate block of stamps which reads "First Day Of Issue."
Finally, it has not been addressed. I apologize that I do not have a picture to post of this FDC. My camera became a victim of our four year old grandson. He found my office door opened and the camera was lying there and well, he wanted to take pictures of Grandpa's fishies. He couldn't get past the locked fence that we recently installed around our patio just for that reason. He dropped the camera in the dog's water bowl and something else caught his attention.
My wife found the camera later that afternoon. So now I must become familiar with my cell phone's picture app.
So back to the topic, is this a collectible error? Thanks in advance for your answers.
Thomas L. Miller
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03 Jan 2017

The one-, two-, three-, and four-cent stamps of the Americana series were issueed on the same day. I am sure the person who prepared the FDC wanted a plate block and that was the envelope they had available.

David in Ottawa, Canada

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