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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : The Approval Book Platform is now 3 year old!

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Retired Ap. Book Mod, Pres Golden Gate Stamp Club, Hi Tech Consultant
29 Dec 2016
Happy Anniversary: The Approval Book Platform is now 3 year old!

Hard to realize that there was nothing like SOR's Approval Books before 2014, and now it is an integral part of the fabric of SOR!
Yes, it was launched, on December 27, 2013, just 3 years ago!

Many thanks again to the development team, and especially to Tim who designed such an outstanding piece of software...that keeps on working flawlessly. And thanks to Theresa who has moderated the platform in 2016 (she is temporary on leave, but we miss you Theresa!
Come back soon!)

And thanks again to all of you, sellers and buyers alike, who embraced it with enthusiasm.

FYI, the last book issued on this anniversary date is Book 7890.
For the year there were approximately 2500 Approval Books issued in our third year. That is an average of
7 New books issued on a daily basis (on average). Pretty amazing!
So three thumbs up! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

And there are currently 850 books with active status, the same number as last year! Looking at the distribution of books, all the categories are all pretty well represented. This is truly a bonanza for the stamp collector, no matter what his/her interests are, especially if you look at the price range which start as low as 3 cents per stamp and the variety of stamps offered. And believe or not, but the highest price listed is $425 (not sold yet)...so it does cover a lot more than low cost stamps.....but the bulk of the prices remain in the 10-15 cent range, which was the goal of the development team...to provide a convenient and efficient platform for trading duplicates, for selling and buying those lower cost stamps that you cannot buy/sell conveniently on commercial sites, but you desperately need to fill the gaps in your collections.

And still, even after 3 years, no other philatelic site can offer anything comparable!
Well done, you all, for making it a continued success!

(Temporary Moderator- Approval Books)

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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
29 Dec 2016
re: The Approval Book Platform is now 3 year old!

congrats, Ralph, in helping design the process and run it the first couple of years. nice job, Ralph


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29 Dec 2016
re: The Approval Book Platform is now 3 year old!

Yes, congratulations to everyone involved with setting up the Approval program and of course all of the sellers and buyers that have made it such a big success.

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