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11 Dec 2016
In the most recent Deegam Reports,#120, Doug made this request;

If you receive an e-mail from deegam@btinternet.com
please be aware that it did not come from me. When I find out who it is I will sue him for infringement of my registered trademark.
Deegam is an invented word made from my four initials and since it
is registered in my name at the IPO cannot be used by anyone else
to indicate the source

I imagine that someone has inadvertently used what may have thought to be an open address. But The Deegam Complete Machin Handbook is the product of years and hours of detailed work and needs to be protected lest it be lost. So if anyone does get an e-mail from that address, listed above please advise him and send a copy of the message.
Doug Myall can be reached at; deegam@btopenworld.com

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