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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : New guy looking for 2000 album

09 Nov 2016
Hi all.

I'm looking at taking up collecting again (my childhood collection is long gone) and I'd like to find an album that cuts off in 2000, because I'm not interested in self-adhesive stamps.

Mystic told me they didn't have old albums, that I could just take pages out of what they're currently selling, but I don't want an album with 15 years of missing pages either.

It's my hope that I can find an album set languishing on a shelf somewhere so that I can avoid the majority of SA stamps and not have a half-empty binder.

Thank you.
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09 Nov 2016
re: New guy looking for 2000 album

Your best bet is to create your own using Bill Steiner's pages or create your own pages and then buy some nice sturdy binders or empty albums from a stamp store (brick and mortar or online).

Welcome back to collecting Big Hug


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