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Oceania/Australia : Victorian Government Perfins out of control - 1/- Lyrebird (Pt 2)

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09 Nov 2016
Block of 4 with 'ASH' imprint with double 'VG' perfin. Although the 'ASH' imprint is traditionally the first printing (1937), the perforation is actually of the second printing (15 x 14) which is W.C.G. McCracken.

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Vertical pair with double 'GV' reverse

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Gutter strip of 5 with middle stamp (third from right) with double perfin

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The reason why certain stamps are set crooked such as the above strip is because there is a risk of accidentally separating the perforations from any attempt to straighten it because of the numerous holes.

The 4d Koala - Part 3

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