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Oceania/Australia : Victorian Government Perfins out of control - ½d Kangaroo (Pt 1)

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09 Nov 2016
If you do not succeed the first time, try and try again; though when it comes to a stamp it isn’t advisable to adhere to such a rule as seen in these specimens.

It is not clear whether these Perfins were made by the Note Printing Branch or by a private printer, what is obvious is the mess involving double and triple Perfins and reversed Perfins, some blocks have all three.

Some of the stamps were perforated from the back (caused by folding the stamp creating the reverse effect) and at one instance a page was placed upside down.

The entire display are MUH and very scarce.

Block of 4 with two on the right reversed. This was caused when the stamps were folded down the center perforation (vertically)

Image Not Found

Left reversed

Image Not Found

Block of 4 doubled with bottom stamps reversed

Image Not Found

Top two on left normal, bottom two on left reversed, top two on right doubled, bottom two on right doubled and reversed

Image Not Found

Same as above but with error crossing over top right corner selvedge with perforation pip shown directly above two stamps at top right

Image Not Found

The next display (Part 2) is the 1/- Lyrebird. Although there is an ASH imprint in the 1/- issue, which normally denotes the 14 x 13½ perforation, all these stamps are 15 x 14, W.C.G. McCracken issues (second printings); as W.C.G. McCracken wanted to deplete the ASH stock before printing his own; which had the “By Authority” imprint and later his name.

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